Windsurfing Vacations in the UK

By: Adrianne Duthie

Over the past couple of decades windsurfing has continued to grow in popularity worldwide, attracting thousands of thrill-seekers who love the adrenaline rush this sport delivers. Spots like Hawaii, Australia and Greece have all been destinations of choice for adventure travelers looking to hit the wind and waves on their vacation. However, while these windsurfing vacation spots are perhaps the most popular they are far from the only good options available. The beauty of this sport is its accessibility worldwide. Anywhere a large body of water is found there exists the opportunity to feel that rush. Today, I am going to focus on windsurfing vacations in the UK. Here are a few of the best spots in Britain, Scotland and Wales:

Where to Windsurf in Britain
There is no shortage of great locations in Britain to catch the wind, both on and off the coast and from every level of experience from beginner to expert. If you are traveling with surfers with varying levels of experience then Poole Harbour in Dorset is a good option. One of the largest natural harbours in the world Poole Harbour offers great coastal surfing with shallow water, excellent wind speeds, and is accessible all day, regardless of tide (though the best conditions will be found at mid to high tide). There is a shipping lane in Poole Harbour so windsurfers and kitesurfers alike will need to avoid the middle of the harbour. Make certain to be vigilant for smaller craft (yachts and power boats) as well. Don’t have your own board? No problem. There are plenty of sports shops offering rentals.

Poole Harbour isn’t the only hot spot for UK windsurfing. Camber Sands offers another great spot for beginners with a shallow lagoon to get one’s feet wet. Other options include Hayling Island, and for those who want some very basic practice before hitting the water then Hove Lake is a great place to get started.

Where to Windsurf in Scotland and Wales
The highlight of a Scotland windsurfing vacation is without a doubt the island of Tiree. Its consistent Atlantic winds have made it a well-known hotspot for windsurfers and kite-surfers worldwide.
In Wales, Rhosneigr and Anglesey are two of the best known destinations, but these regions cater to experienced windsurfers who are long time veterans of the sport as the conditions can get pretty hairy at times. Beginners are better off trying their luck at Pembrokeshire Coast in South Wales.

With clubs all over the UK windsurfing is a sport that will continue to grow in the region, and as word spreads the Britain, Scotland and Wales will soon become a well-known international windsurfing vacation hotspot, much like Hawaii and France are now. If you are looking for somewhere new to dip your board on your next holiday definitely look at the UK as a solid option.

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