Cannon Beach – Oregon’s Scenic Wonder!

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton A trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon is like venturing back in time to what the typical American town would have

Verona, Italy – Home to Romeo and Juliet

  By: Eric Alexander Hamilton “Oh, Romeo, Romeo!  Wherefore art thou Romeo?”  Who would ever have thought that the words spoken by Juliet to

Two Top Places to Visit in Bali, Indonesia

By: Susan Gerle When I was 16, my high school put on a production of the play South Pacific, set on the Indonesian island

The Cleanest City in the World – Singapore!

By: Susan Gerle I heard from many travelers that Singapore is the cleanest place on earth and after visiting the city/ country I would

Hiking from Boca to Las Animas

Having recently returned from an eleven day vacation to Puerto Vallarta, I have nothing but positive things to say about the plenitude of things

Hong Kong – The “Wannabe” USA City!

By: Susan Gerle Back in 2002 I made my first visit to China. One of the ah-huh moments, besides standing on the Great Wall

Where to Eat in Puerto Vallarta – Some Great Restaurant Recommendations

It’s always exciting traveling to a new destination. The opportunity to explore a new city and experience the local culture is always a rush.

Cruising The Dutch Antilles – Curacao vs. Aruba

Submitted By: Susan Gerle Cruising has become a safe way of traveling, especially when there is so much unrest in the world right now.

Useful Tips To Avoid Robbery and Rip-Offs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

By: Susan Gerle I have spent many years traveling and living in Mexico, especially in Puerto Vallarta. Recently I stayed in an all-inclusive resort

How To Scoop A Lounge Chair And Other Challenges At All-Inclusive Resorts

By: Susan Gerle I am normally a budget traveler but recently I stayed at an all-inclusive 4 star hotel in Puerto Vallarta for the

Experiences on an All-Inclusive Trip To Cuba

Submitted By: Susan Gerle Taking a vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Cuba can be a new experience for many. Here is a journal

3 Great Side Trips From Cancun, Mexico

By: Susan Gerle The Mayan Riviera is a beautiful place to visit. Wherever you choose to stay there are 3 places you should considering

Puerto Morelos, The Jewel Of The Mayan Riviera

By: Susan Gerle The white, silky sands of Puerto Morelos, and the turquoise blue of the Caribbean make a fantastic combination for visitors. With

7 Places to visit While In Valladolid Mexico

By: Susan Gerle Valladolid, (pronounced via dough lead) with a population of around 70,000, is a wonderful colonial town to visit while in Mexico.

Adventures on Maui: Driving the Hana Highway

When one thinks of a vacation to Maui probably the first thing that leaps to mind is relaxing on the beach under a swaying

Top Things to Experience in Merida, Mexico

By: Susan Gerle The city of Merida, Mexico is a great place to visit when staying anywhere on the Mayan Riviera. The shopping and

Puerto Vallarta vs Playa Del Carmen

By: Susan Gerle Is Mexico safe, especially places like Puerto Vallarta and Playa Del Carmen? I will say yes because I am here in

Honolulu: America’s Most Exotic City!

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton Once the exclusive destination of the very rich, Hawaii has become one of the most popular holiday locations in the

Croatia’s Istrian Riviera, with a brief interlude in Venice, Italy.

By: Paula Wallis If you’ve been considering a beach holiday along the Istrian Riviera, you’re not alone. If not, why not? Croatia’s Istrian Riviera

Portland, Oregon: Visiting the City of Roses

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton Imagine a city built on the banks of two huge rivers that has year-round mild climate, a mixture of beautiful

Memories of Road Trips, Geysers, Mud Pools and Fishing

By: Susy Q I remember my first visit to Yellowstone National Park. Its ethereal aura doesn’t just provide an amazing backdrop for memories. It

Weekend Summer Getaways in the Mount Baker, Washington Area

By: Paula Wallis Head south on the Trans Canada Highway from Vancouver, through the Fraser Valley, and you’ll be greeted by the impressive sight

Learning To Ride As A Passenger On A Motorcycle

By: Susan Gerle I got invited to do an afternoon ride on a 1500cc Kawasaki Touring Bike recently. Up until then the biggest bike

The Island of St. Lucia: the Jewel of the Caribbean

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton If you are looking for an exotic tropical island to visit, then consider the island of St. Lucia in the

A Road Trip of Stunning Views and Quiet Bliss

By: Susy Q Touted in travel brochures of the 1920’s as “the greatest drive in the Canadian Rockies” for its spectacular scenery and raw

10 Things To Do On A Summer Day In Kelowna

By: Susan Gerle Kelowna is situated in the Okanagan Valley of BC, 6 hours north of Spokane, Washington. It’s a vibrant vacation city with

One Night in Bangkok

By: Paula Wallis Bangkok is a common stop-over for travelers to reconnect with the city vibe, stock up on travel supplies, and get a

Bavaria, Germany: Visiting King Ludwig’s Fairy-Tale Castle

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton Bavaria is Germany’s southern-most province, bordering Austria. The entire province has, without a doubt, some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery,

Watch Out For Rattlesnakes While Hiking In Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park In Vernon, BC

By: Susan Gerle One of the nicest hiking areas in the Okanagan Valley of BC is in Kalamalka Lake Park. There are a number

Best Ways To Stay In Touch When Traveling

By: Susan Gerle It is always a concern to try and stay in touch with family and friends while traveling to different parts of

Rome, Italy: The Splendor of the Eternal City

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton Without a doubt, Rome, Italy, is one of the world’s most majestic, beautiful, and unique cities. Nicknamed “The Eternal City”,

5 Road Trips Within a Day’s Drive of Vancouver

By: Paula Wallis There’s nothing quite like loading up your iPod with some good road tripping tunes, gassing up the car, and hitting the

Christmas in New York City

By: Paula Wallis We’ve all seen Miracle on 34th Street. New York City lit up like a Christmas tree, good cheer everywhere, Macy’s window

Best 8 Ways to Get Around Vancouver, Canada

By: Susan Gerle Vancouver is one of the easiest and friendliest cities in the world to navigate. From the time you arrive in the

Top 7 Challenging Public Golf Courses in British Columbia, Canada

By: Susan Gerle Golf has become a much more popular sport amongst the general public over the last few years. The number of new

Useful Tips For Walking On The Busiest Sidewalks In The World

By: Susan Gerle I grew up as a polite conservative Canadian in Vancouver, Canada. Whenever I bumped into someone on the sidewalk I would

Low Priced Luxury Cruise Vacations on the Mexican Riviera

By: Susan Gerle There is nothing nicer than relaxing on a ship out in the middle of the ocean, soaking up the sunshine as

6 Islands You Should Visit in Thailand, and Why

By: Paula Wallis Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Lush jungles, elephants roaming in their natural habitats,

3 Top Romantic Places to Visit In Europe When You Only Have Two Weeks

By: Susan Gerle You have decided to take your sweetheart on a romantic trip overseas to Europe but you only have 2 weeks. Neither

10 things to do on a Sunny Day in Vancouver

By: Paula Wallis      If you’ve ever spent any amount of time in Vancouver, you know why the rest of the country fondly refers

Big Sur: California’s Spectacular and Rugged Coastline!

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton It is one of America’s best-kept secrets: few travel books mention it, yet it has some of the United States’

How to Choose the Best Cruise Destination

By: Susan Gerle There are so many choices of destinations and cruise lines for cruising these days. It is no longer just a way

Rambling La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain

By: Paula Wallis One of the things I have always loved about great European cities is their ability to move seamlessly into the present

Hosteling In Europe

By: Susan Gerle Hosteling is a safe, enjoyable way to travel, not only for the young but also for older, single people. When I

5 Top Summer Getaways in British Columbia, Canada

By: Susan Gerle People have heard of Vancouver, but there are many other beautiful spots to visit in British Columbia, especially during the summer.

Exploring California’s City by the Bay, San Francisco

By: Paula Wallis Sitting in Vesuvio Bar, off Jack Kerouac Alley, sipping on a pint of Anchor Steam, one could almost believe they’ve traveled

Paris: Discovering its Grandeur and Beauty

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton Paris, France, nicknamed “The City of Lights”, is a place of exceptional beauty and romance. With so many things to

The 4 Top Things to Do and the Best Places to Visit on Your Trip to Mexico

By: Susan Gerle Whether it’s discovering the ruins, diving and snorkeling, visiting major cities, or studying cultural differences, Mexico has it all! Whatever the

Surviving Phnom Penh, Cambodia

By: Paula Wallis Phnom Penh is a difficult city to write about, for many reasons. It is a city rife with contradictions; extreme poverty

Montreal: its fabulous Historical District and Botanical Garden

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton If you’re looking for a city with European elegance and a festive atmosphere, then consider visiting Montreal in Eastern Canada.

Top Fun Things to Do in Vancouver During the 2010 Paralympic Games

By: Susan Gerle The 2010 Winter Paralympic Games will take place in Vancouver, Canada from March 12 – March 21. The Games aren’t as

Best Place to Visit in Canada – Vancouver’s West End

By: Susan Gerle A sense of camaraderie is evident in the West End of Vancouver on any given day. The most recent, of course,

An Unforgettable Greek Island Getaway in Lindos, Rhodes

By: Paula Wallis Greek Island Getaways – Rhodes Island The Greek Islands have an island for everyone, and each one is like visiting a

3 Top Award Winning Places to Visit in Canada

By: Susan Gerle Villes de Rosemere, Quebec Villes de Rosemere refers to itself as a “Town in Harmony.” Part of the harmony is a

10 Great Places to Dine Out in Vancouver

By: Paula Wallis Vancouver is a city that satisfies the senses. From the sight of the snow-capped mountains providing a resplendent backdrop to the

Spa Vacations on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

By: Susan Gerle The Sunshine Coast of BC is well named. The main mountain range on Vancouver Island actually protects the coastline north of

Alcatraz – Visiting America’s Most Infamous Prison

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton Would you pay to go to prison? Believe it or not, many people do when they visit San Francisco, California.

Los Ayala – A Different Kind of Mexico

By: Paula Wallis Just a forty-five minute drive north of Puerto Vallarta, at the foot of the Sierra de Vallejo Mountains, lies the lovely

Top Ten Romantic Places to Visit in North America

By: Susan Gerle Nothing is nicer than running away for a romantic weekend with someone special. There are so many choices in Canada and

Sonoma, California: Famous for its History, Wine, and Cheese

By: Eric Alexander Hamilton Drive north of San Francisco for about an hour and you’ll be in the town of Sonoma, in the midst

Useful Packing Tips for a Romantic, Tropical Getaway

By: Susan Gerle There are so many things to consider when you are packing for a holiday now. You may as well forget the

The Easiest Ways to Get Around in Vancouver

By: Susan Gerle As you fly into Vancouver, you can see what a beautiful place it is. Majestic mountains, ocean, rivers, and green space

How to Teach English While Traveling in Mexico

By: Susan Gerle The first time I taught ESL (English As A Second Language) while traveling in Mexico was on an extended trip to

Paris, City of Romance

By: Susan Gerle Ah, Paris! It was a longtime dream of mine to visit the city of romance and I wasn’t disappointed when I

Tips for Safe European Travel

By: Susan Gerle While vacationing in Europe, we were warned by seasoned travellers to pay attention to the people around us at all times.

Top Places to Visit in Vancouver

By: Susan Gerle Vancouver is still one of the top 6 cities in the world where you can enjoy a relaxing few days surrounded

6 Tips for Train Travel In Europe

By: Susan Gerle When I went to Europe recently, my friends and I decided not to purchase Eurorail tickets before we left Canada. The

Cairo – Destination, or Waystation?

By: Paula Wallis For some, the chaos of Cairo; the nonsensical traffic rules, the half hazard attempts at city planning, the striking contradictions between

The Art of Relaxation, in Vang Vieng, Laos

By: Paula Wallis Nobody knows how to chill like the locals in Vang Vieng, Laos, and they’re willing to share all their secrets (and

Travelling With Children in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

By: Susan Gerle A family vacation in Puerto Vallarta combines the flavor of the west coast of Mexico while offering a feeling of home.

Santorini – A Postcard Perfect Getaway in the Greek Islands

By: Susan Gerle A picture like the one below needs no explanation. I was just glad I was attached to the camera that was

What To Do and See in Athens, Greece

It is always difficult trying to give advice to other people on the best things to do and see in a given city. Different